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Adopt a Historic Bridge

TxDOT makes specific types of historic bridges available for public use once it is determined that they are no longer sufficient to carry vehicular traffic. These bridges are typically county-owned metal truss bridges, which are increasingly rare in Texas. Considerations for participating in the bridge marketing program include:

  • The primary emphasis is to find a new public use for the bridges, such as along a hike-and-bike trail in a public park
  • Historic bridge conversions must meet appropriate federal standards
  • While TxDOT does not charge for the historic bridge, the recipient’s costs for compliance with federal standards are typically more than $100,000
  • Bridges must be relocated from the roadway and federal funding may underwrite some relocation costs

Historic Bridges Currently Available

TxDOT encourages inquiries from those who are interested in adopting one of these historic bridges. Discussing your goals, intended use of the historic bridge and length of new crossing will help us support your project.

Location Format
County Road 115, Williamson County
County Road 423, Dickens County

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