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Bid Recording Report Solicitations - Bid Tabs

The table below contains FY 2015 bids for services, equipment and products in bulk.

Open Date Solicitation No. Description Format
03/31/15 601440000001692 AASTOWare Joint Project
02/17/15 601440000000597 Merchandising Services For Don't Mess With Texas®
01/05/15 601440000000064 Web Design, Hosting & Maintenance for
12/19/14 601440000002090 iOS Application and Reporting Services for Measurement of Materials Stockpiles
11/04/14 Q442015003510000 Web Online Self-Paced eLearning System Update
10/08/14 B442014045571000 Utility Accommodation Services
10/03/14 Q442014041619000 Business Plan Development Services
09/09/14 B442014040175000 Advertising Services

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