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Submission Deadlines - DBE Utilization Plans - Fiscal Year 2017

Beginning with the February 2017 letting, prime contractors will be required to submit their Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Utilization Plans and good faith efforts through the Diversity Management System (DMS) within five calendar days after bid opening. If the fifth day falls on a weekend or state or federal holiday, the deadline moves to the next business day. 

The following table gives Fiscal Year 2017 letting dates and corresponding submission deadlines for DBE Utilization Plans or good faith efforts.

FY 2017 Letting Dates
FY 2017 Utilization Plan Deadlines
Thursday, Feb. 2
Tuesday, Feb. 7
Friday, Feb. 3
Wednesday, Feb. 8
Tuesday, March 7, and Wednesday, March 8
Monday, March 13
Tuesday, April 4, and Wednesday, April 5
Monday, April 10
Tuesday, May 2, and Wednesday, May 3
Monday, May 8
Tuesday, June 6, and Wednesday, June 7
Monday, June 12
Tuesday, July 11, and Wednesday, July 12
Monday, July 17
Tuesday, Aug. 8, and Wednesday, Aug. 9
Monday, Aug. 14