Submit CPA's Indirect Cost Rate Report with the following attachments:

  1. Completed AASHTO Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ)
  2. Certification of Final Indirect Costs
  3. Compensation analysis on all executives (by surveys or by the new National Compensation Matrix [NCM]). If by survey, TxDOT requires three surveys, and copies of the three surveys must be attached. Magazine or newspaper surveys, free Internet surveys and General Services Administration (GSA) schedules are not acceptable. You must follow FAR 31.205-6 and the procedure described in Section 7.5.C.
    Note: Compensation analysis must be signed and dated by an officer of the company.
  4. Copy of the detail Trial Balance
  5. Organization Chart
  6. Audited Financial Statements (if any)
  7. Chart of Accounts
  8. Method of depreciation used by firm and copy of the depreciation list of all assets
  9. List of bonus paid by name or id number and amount
  10. Copy of bonus plan


Please submit the audit report with all attachments via email. Call (512) 416-2315 or (512) 416-2726 to get the submittal email address.

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