Seminole Relief Route
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Seminole Relief Route


Seminole is a major hub located in the Permian Basin and along a vital transportation corridor that provides connectivity and access to the area’s energy sector. This region also has a large agriculture industry that contributes to the traffic traveling through Seminole. The surrounding area is one of the state's largest cotton producers and the largest peanut-producing location in Texas. Due to the amount of semi-truck traffic through the city, the roadway width and congestion at the US 62/385/180 intersection is currently an issue. Therefore, TxDOT is conducting a study intended to improve mobility and ease congestion at the US 62/385/180 intersection in downtown Seminole.

Study overview

TxDOT, the city of Seminole, and Gaines County have been studying the different options available for relieving the congestion through Seminole. This study focused on the need for a route that semi-trucks could utilize to safely and efficiently move through Seminole. The study analyzed the benefits of utilizing existing and adding new routes to maximize the movement of traffic while minimizing the adverse impacts on the city. The existing roadways were evaluated, funding options were explored and all alternatives were considered, including the option to defer the project. Options are described below.

Option 2 (5th Street) that was presented at the first public meeting has been removed from the planning process.

Downloads for each option

One-way pair option

This option consists of converting the existing US 62/385 into a three-lane, one-way roadway (northbound), and converting the existing 2nd Street into the other three-lane, one-way roadway (southbound). This option adds capacity and easier turning movements for semi-trucks. The One-way Pair Option is approximately 3.16 miles long and requires 8.9 acres of new right of way and could impact 17 properties; including one residential and four commercial displacements. The estimated cost of this project is $44 million.

Existing rehab option

This option, considered the No-Build Option, and would make no changes to the network. The Existing Rehab Option would maintain the current highway with improvements to the pavement, sidewalks, and lighting. The estimated cost of this project is $20 million.

Public involvement

The purpose of public involvement is to share project information and updates, present proposed schematics of the project, and collect input from the community. Public input is a highly valued and important part of creating improvements to address transportation needs. TxDOT is committed to working closely with the community on all projects to ensure that interested community members have the opportunity to comment, voice concerns, and ask questions.