Dallas-Houston High-Speed Rail Project
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Dallas-Houston High-Speed Rail Project

Texas Central Railway (TCR) is a private entity that is funding and developing an environmental study for a proposed high-speed rail between the Dallas and Houston areas. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is responsible for oversight of this project. As may be required or permitted by state and federal law, TxDOT will assist FRA in coordinating public and stakeholder engagement along with the review of planning and environmentaluments.

TCR has committed to constructing and operating the proposed system without public funding. Current estimates for construction of track between Dallas and Houston is approximately $16 billion.

This project, as well as the Dallas-Fort Worth Core Express Project and the Texas-Oklahoma Passenger Rail Study may provide alternative methods of transportation within corridors that are experiencing increased congestion due to continued population growth and the increasing traffic on highways and at major airports.

Current status

Additional information and updates on the status of the environmental study can be found on the TCR and FRA website.