US 96 Safety Enhancement Project – from West Chance Road to Lindsey Drive
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US 96 Safety Enhancement Project – from West Chance Road to Lindsey Drive

Funded through a safety grant program, TxDOT approved this 2.34-mile construction project along US 96, beginning 0.2 miles north of West Chance Road and ending at Lindsey Drive in Lumberton, Hardin County.

The purpose of this project is to provide safe turning movements to each side of the roadway, and eliminate crashes from unsafe left turns throughout the corridor.

There have been a total of 661 crashes on this section of roadway from the years 2015 to July 2019. Several of these years have seen left turns being a factor in more than 20% of the crashes. This percentage is derived from police reports that specifically mention left turns as being a contributing factor in the crash. There are 224 conflict points (driveways, roadway intersections, etc.) as of June 2019.

Planned improvements

In Fall 2020, TxDOT installed striping and turn bays on US 96 between West Chance Road and Lindsey Drive. TxDOT also planned to install a long channel mount curb system with flexible delineators (tall, tubular reflectors mounted on the road surface, which are used to channelize traffic).

However, based on public input about this project, TxDOT now plans the following:

  • Reinstalling the center-turn lane as it existed in Summer 2020: Striping and turn bays will be removed, and a continuous center-turn lane will be re-installed
  • Installing curbs with flexible delineators: Curbs and flexible delineators will be installed at key intersections to deter traffic from making unsafe left-hand movements; key intersections include:
    • West Chance (south side only)
    • Candlestick
    • Williams
    • Raider/Allen (south side only)
    • Boardwalk (south side only)
    • FM 421 (north side only)

This project does not require additional right of way or displacements.

Installation of the new striping began in mid-October 2020; however, the project was put on hold pending further public outreach. Based on continued public input and coordination – the project will now resume in April 2021.

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