Notice of Availability - Finding of No Significant Impact Quintana Road
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Notice of Availability - Finding of No Significant Impact Quintana Road


This notice advises the public that a final environmental assessment (EA) is available for public review and TxDOT has issued a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) for the proposed Quintana Road project from Harmon Avenue to McKenna Avenue in Bexar County, Texas.


The proposed Quintana Road project would include the realignment of the roadway, and the section located north of the Quintana/Dunton intersection would be expanded to allow for wider lanes and an additional acceleration lane for traffic turning right onto Quintana Road from Dunton Avenue. A median will be constructed, separating northbound and southbound traffic. A 10-foot wide shared use path will be constructed on the east side of Quintana Road with a six-foot sidewalk constructed on the west side, providing pedestrian access to the area. South of the intersection, a right-turn lane will be added for traffic moving from Quintana Road to Dunton Avenue. Dunton Avenue will remain two lanes with the addition of six-foot sidewalks on both sides. Traffic turning right will flow directly onto Quintana Road via a short turn lane with a yield.

The proposed drainage component includes a channel and detention pond beginning immediately south of the Quintana Road and Dunton Avenue intersection along the western property line of Port San Antonio’s East Kelly Railport (EKRP) property. It extends east along the southern boundary of the EKRP to an existing storm sewer outfall located near the intersection of Fay Avenue and New Laredo Highway. Drainage extending south of the intersection is the most direct route to the planned detention storage just north of Fay Avenue, which is a component of the drainage master plan for the redevelopment of EKRP property by Port San Antonio. The proposed channel size, alignment, and detention pond configuration are based on required outfall capacity and a need to store drainage flows as far upstream within the watershed and EKRP property as can be accommodated, while reserving space and capacity in the southern portion of EKRP for detention storage in consideration of future EKRP property development. 1.15 acres of existing Port San Antonio property currently in use as Quintana Park will be converted to drainage use. At Port San Antonio’s request, the proposed drainage alignment also avoids impacting groundwater removal systems related to previous operations at Kelly Air Force Base, which are protected by deed restriction.

The preferred alternative would require a total of 24.9236 acres of land (2.8 acres new right-of-way; 22.124 acres permanent easement) from ten parcels. It would cost an estimated $7.8 Million to construct.

To avoid noise impacts that may result from future development adjacent to a proposed highway project, a traffic noise analysis is included in the final EA, which includes predicted noise impact contours for currently undeveloped areas. These impact contours are intended as a general guide to assist local planning officials and developers plan and construct new activities in locations that would not result in traffic noise impacts. On the date of approval/clearance of an EA/FONSI (including the traffic noise analysis) for a proposed highway project, TxDOT is no longer responsible for providing noise abatement for new development.

The environmental review, consultation and other actions required by applicable federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been carried-out by TxDOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated December 16, 2014, and executed by the Federal Highway Administration and TxDOT.


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