Open House - SH 161 Freeway Improvements
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Open House - SH 161 Freeway Improvements


MacArthur High School Cafeteria (Map)
3700 North MacArthur Blvd
Irving, TX 75062


Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.


To solicit public comment on the proposed improvements to an approximately 5.5-mile section of SH 161 from south of SH 183 approximately 0.9 mile to approximately 1.02 miles north of Belt Line Road in Irving, Dallas County, Texas.


The proposed project would modify SH 161 by reconstructing the freeway and interim lanes to accommodate an eight-lane freeway (four freeway lanes in each direction). The extent of the proposed project would be approximately 5.5 miles; construction of the additional lanes would occur within the existing right of way for 3.3 miles. Approximately 1.3 miles of re-striping would occur on the southern end of the project area and 0.43 mile of re-striping on the northern extent of the project area. The reconstructed portion of SH 161 would have freeway lanes 12 feet wide with a 10-foot outside shoulder and a 10-foot inside shoulder. Eleven ramps would provide access between the frontage road lanes and the freeway lanes. The proposed ramp lanes would be 14 feet wide with an 8-foot outside shoulder, and a 4-foot inside shoulder. 

Three of the four existing direct connector bridges that provide access to and from the SH 183 and SH 161 Interchange would be reconstructed up to the structure approach slab. In addition, two Managed Lane Direct Connectors are proposed as part of the project; an East to North Managed Lane Direct Connector extending across the SH 183/SH 161 Interchange and a South to West Managed Lane Direct Connector. These two Managed Lane Direct Connectors would be constructed to accommodate two 12-foot-wide lanes. Due to the proposed SH 161 improvements occurring within existing right of way, no displacement or relocation of residential or commercial properties would be required.


TxDOT Dallas District

(214) 320-4480

Posted Oct. 27, 2016.