Notice of Availability - Finding of No Significant Impact - SH 310 and I-45
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Notice of Availability - Finding of No Significant Impact - SH 310 and I-45


This notice advises the public that a final environmental assessment (EA) is available for public review and TxDOT has issued a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) for the proposed SH 310 and I-45 project (also known as S.M. Wright Phase IIB) on SH 310 from Pennsylvania Avenue to north of Al Lipscomb Way (formerly Grand Avenue) and on I-45 from Lenway Street to Good Latimer Expressway in Dallas County, Texas.


TxDOT proposes improvements to the SH 310 and I-45 Interchange within the City of Dallas, in Dallas County, Texas. The project is approximately one mile in length. The proposed project includes the reconfiguration of the existing interchange between I-45, the S.M. Wright Parkway, Cesar Chavez Boulevard, and Good Latimer Expressway. These changes would convert the above described freeway-to-freeway connections between S.M. Wright Parkway and I-45 to a diamond-type interchange involving two cross-streets: MLK Boulevard and Al Lipscomb Way (formerly Grand Avenue). The proposed project involves the following principal changes in proximity to the reconstructed interchange:

  • Removing the direct connections from southbound I-45 to southbound S.M. Wright Parkway and from northbound S.M. Wright Parkway to northbound I-45;Constructing a new southbound exit ramp from I-45 to MLK Boulevard
  • Constructing a new northbound entrance ramp from MLK Boulevard to I-45
  • Constructing a new southbound entrance ramp from Al Lipscomb Way to I-45
  • Constructing a new northbound exit ramp from I-45 to Al Lipscomb Way
  • Constructing a new southbound frontage road section between MLK Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Constructing a new northbound frontage road section between Pennsylvania Avenue and MLK Boulevard
  • Realigning S.M. Wright Parkway to connect exclusively to Cesar Chavez Boulevard between Al Lipscomb Way and MLK Boulevard
  • Removing the direct connections between southbound and northbound S.M. Wright Parkway and Good Latimer Expressway
  • Converting the existing S.M. Wright Parkway underpass of MLK Boulevard to an at grade signalized intersection
  • Relocating the existing ramps connecting MLK Boulevard and S.M. Wright Parkway to the proposed signalized intersections of the I-45 frontage roads and MLK Boulevard.

The project would require 1.7 acres of new right of way.  One city-owned property, two businesses and no residences would be potentially displaced as a result of this project.

To avoid noise impacts that may result from future development adjacent to a proposed highway project, a traffic noise analysis is included in the final EA, which includes predicted noise impact contours for currently undeveloped areas. These impact contours are intended as a general guide to assist local planning officials and developers plan and construct new activities in locations that would not result in traffic noise impacts. On the date of approval/clearance of an EA/FONSI (including the traffic noise analysis) for a proposed highway project, TxDOT is no longer responsible for providing noise abatement for new development.

The environmental review, consultation and other actions required by applicable federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been carried-out by TxDOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated December 16, 2014, and executed by the Federal Highway Administration and TxDOT.


TxDOT Dallas District
Public Information Office

(214) 320-4480


Posted April 3, 2017