Project Overview

TxDOT is developing plans for a US 69 relief route around the City of Jacksonville. The recently completed Feasibility Study determined a new-location facility on the city’s west side best meets the project’s purpose and need.

As part of the Texas Trunk System and the National Highway System, US 69 services intrastate and interstate traffic moving people and goods. The highway is also a designated hurricane evacuation route, which provides safe passage for the Gulf Coast region during an evacuation event.


Through public involvement and engineering analysis, the feasibility study recommended a western corridor. The recommendation reflects two potential tie-in points north of Jacksonville, while only endorsing one southern connection, south of Jacksonville, at the existing Loop 456. The project’s schematic and environmental phase will determine a final route alignment.  

The project will require the acquisition of new right of way from adjacent property owners.

Get Involved

TxDOT will host two public meetings and a public hearing in an effort to engage the public. All interested citizens will have the opportunity to provide input, voice concerns and ask questions. The first public scoping meeting will be held on Thursday, November 14, 2019.


The schematic and environmental phase began in March 2019. It is expected to take three to five years to complete the preliminary design. Right-of-way acquisitions will begin once the schematic and environmental assessments are complete.

Construction funding has not been identified, but is likely to be a combination of federal and state funds. The proposed facility will not be tolled.

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