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The US 190/I-10 Feasibility Study will evaluate the development of a freeway corridor and the adequacy of the existing rail corridor along IH 10 and US 190 from El Paso to the Louisiana state line.


The deadline for submitting comments is Nov. 7, 2011. You may fill out the online form below or mail a printable comment form that should be sent to this address:

US 190/I-10 Feasibility Study
412 North Street
Nacogdoches, TX 75961

Online Comment Form

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code: -
Daytime Phone Number: - -
Email Address:

1. In what city and county do you live?

2. Please indicate your level of support for the 10 conceptual alternatives presented at the Open House.

Alternatives Strongly Support Support Neutral Do Not Support Do Not Support At All For a Specific Section?
(I-10, West US 190, Central US 190, East US 190)
Total Freeway - Option 1
Total Freeway - Option 2
Four-Lane Highway - Option 1
Four-Lane Highway - Option 2
Four-Lane Highway - Option 3
Fort-to-Port - Option 1
Fort-to-Port - Option 2
Mobility/Safety - Option 1
Mobility/Safety - Option 2

3. Please indicate your level of support for the following interim/local improvements being considered. If you select "Strongly Support" or "Support", please list the location(s) where you think the improvement is needed.

Improvement Strongly Support Support Neutral Do Not Support Do Not Support At All Location
Passing Lanes
Additional Lanes/Roadway Widenings
Relief/Alternative Routes
Traffic Signal Improvements
Intersection Turn Lanes/Restrictions
Eliminate Sharp Curves
Standard Travel Lanes/Shoulder Widths
Standard Bridge Clearances
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Additional Comments