Historic SH 332 Truss Bridge at the Brazos River

The historic SH 332 truss bridge located in Brazoria County at the Brazos River was taken out of service upon completion of the new SH 332 bridge in 2010. In 2011, the county transferred responsibilities for the bridge to TxDOT. From 2011 to 2017, TxDOT reevaluated the needs and conditions for the truss bridge in compliance with Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Act, among other regulations, as required.

Current Conditions

Since the truss bridge was closed to vehicular traffic in 2010, maintenance was no longer required and funding is not available for future maintenance.  Several structural issues have been noted and analyzed including section loss on steel truss members, severe rusting, paint failure, and bent members from previous impact damage when the bridge was open to traffic.

Proposed Options

  • No build: No work or maintenance would be done to the bridge and it would continue to deteriorate
    Cost: $0
  • Keep the bridge for pedestrian use: Repair work would include cleaning and painting, repairing deteriorated and damaged sections, installing pedestrian railings and ADA-compliant ramps, and raising the north approach span
    Approximate cost: $3.78 million
  • Keep the bridge as a monument: Bridge would be closed to vehicles and pedestrians, extensive repair work would be completed, and one or more of the north approach spans would be removed
    Approximate cost: $3.24 million to $3.29 million
  • Move the bridge to a park or trail: Extensive repairs to the bridge would be completed and the bridge would only be used for pedestrians
    Approximate cost: $1.2 million to relocate only one truss, recipient of bridge would be responsible for all costs over $490,000
  • Demolish: Remove the bridge
    Approximate cost: $490,000 

Next Steps

Communications and input will be conducted throughout the process and next steps include:

  • Document and consider feedback – throughout 2018
  • Conduct public hearing – Summer 2018
  • Select the bridge alternative – Fall 2018


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