The TxDOT Houston District, in cooperation with the City of Houston, proposes to widen Almeda Road between Old Spanish Trail to South MacGregor Way.

Current Conditions

Almeda Road consists of two lanes in each direction from Old Spanish Trail to South MacGregor Way, except for a short distance near Holcombe Boulevard where Almeda Road consists of three lanes in each direction. Travel lanes on Almeda Road are separated by an existing grassy median.

Proposed Improvements

  • Add one lane in each direction, increasing capacity between Old Spanish Trail to South MacGregor Way
  • Replace existing grassy median with 16-foot-wide raised median
  • Add dedicated left-turn bays at select intersections
  • Construct a 10-foot pedestrain/bicycle path on the west side of Almeda Road
  • Construct a five-foot-wide sidewalk on the east side of Almeda Road

All inside lanes would be 12 feet wide. Approximately 0.13 acre of additional right of way would be required for the proposed project. No displacements are anticipated to occur.


This study is a partnership between TxDOT, the City of Houston and the Federal Highway Administration.

Public Involvement


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