SH 3 from I-45 to Galveston County Line
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The TxDOT Houston District is proposing modifications, including left turn lanes where possible, to the existing medians on SH 3 from I-45 to Main Street. From Main Street to Richey Street and from Richey Street to the Galveston County Line (Clear Creek), the project would also construct a raised median with left turn lanes at designated locations.

All work would occur within the existing right of way and no displacements are anticipated.

The project is needed because of higher than average crash rates throughout the project corridor.   The purpose of the proposed project is to improve safety of the roadway and improve mobility along the corridor.

Project Background

  • This project is the result of a study of SH 3 to find answers to the safety and mobility issues on this roadway.
  • The project team analyzed crash data for the project corridor for the years 2017-2019. During that period, a total of 1,138 crashes were recorded along State Highway 3.
  • The majority of crashes along the corridor were near major intersections. Also, driveway density along the corridor exceeds typical standards, and as the number of driveways along a corridor increases, so does the probability of a collision. Some sections of State Highway 3 have driveway spacing as high as 41 driveways per mile. 
  • The proposed installation of a raised median would reduce safety risks associated with left-turning cars crossing in front of oncoming traffic.

Proposed Improvements

  • SH 3 from I-45 to Main Street
    • Modify existing medians and left turn lanes
    • Add one new left turn lane at Bracknell Street
  • SH 3 from Main Street to Richey Street
    • Construct raised median with left turn lanes at designated locations
    • Provide a left turn lane at Stevenson Middle School and Montana Street
  • SH 3 from Richey Street to the Galveston County Line (Clear Creek)
    • Construct raised median with left turn lanes at designated locations
    • No modifications are proposed to the existing bicycle lanes
  • The proposed improvements would cost approximately $6 million. 

Next Steps

  • A virtual public meeting is scheduled for July 15, 2021
  • Collect public input from the public meeting
  • Prepare public meeting documentation
  • Complete environmental documentation
  • Complete plans
  • Let the project for construction in Spring 2022
  • Construction is anticipated to take one year 

Get Involved


Reference the following project number: 0051-02-108
TxDOT Houston District
(713) 802-5076


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