When will construction begin?

Between 2008 and 2010.

Will all segments be under construction at the same time?

Yes, construction will begin when right of way acquisition, utility relocation and design are complete.

How much will this project cost?

The project will cost approximately $52 million. The city of Weatherford will contribute an estimated $7-10 million.

Will I have to pay a toll?

No. Motorists will not pay tolls. TxDOT, not the motorist, will reimburse the city of Weatherford through an agreed-upon fee based on the number of vehicles using the highway; hence the "pass-through" financing.

Who will develop this project?

Weatherford will design, build and inspect the roadway. They will also coordinate public involvement in the process.

Why use pass-through toll financing?

This is a win/win project for Weatherford and TxDOT. With pass-through tolling, construction can be completed sooner than with traditional funding. Pass-through tolling accelerates projects by allowing the debt to be paid off over time. Because the money is not needed all at once, it frees those funds to be used elsewhere.

Is pass-through toll financing new?

Yes, this is a new funding tool that brings projects to construction years ahead of schedule. Weatherford is the first city in North Texas to use it and the second in the state. This tool allows local government agencies to take the lead in funding and constructing needed transportation improvements.

Why these highways?

From 1990 to 2000, Weatherford's population grew by about 34 percent. Parker County grew approximately 46 percent. Growth and economic development along I-20, SH 171/FM 51 and FM 2552 prompted Weatherford to pursue this new funding source. Traditional funding would have caused these projects to languish for many more years under a growing economic burden.