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US 96 Safety Enhancement Project – from West Chance Road to Lindsey Drive

Funded through a safety grant program, TxDOT approved this 2.34 mile construction project along US 96 beginning 0.2 miles north of West Chance Road and ending at Lindsey Drive in Lumberton, Hardin County.   

The purpose of this project is to provide safe turning movements to each side of the roadway, eliminate crashes from unsafe left turns between signalized intersections and reduce the inappropriate use of the continuous center left turn lane throughout the corridor.

From 2015 to 2019, there have been a total of 661 crashes on this section of roadway. Left-hand turn related incidents accounted for more than 20% of the crashes and there are 224 conflict points  (driveways, roadway intersections, etc.) as of June 2019.

Planned Improvements

The project includes the following planned improvements: 

  • Center turn bay and diagonal striping: Turn bays have been added at city streets and other designated areas as identified by a 2019 traffic analysis. Diagonal striping has been added at specific locations to prohibit continuous driving throughout the turn lane.
  • Installing long channel mount curb system with flexible delineators: 
  • A curb system and flexible delineators will be installed throughout the project limits to deter left-turn movements in areas where high accident rates are occurring. The flexible delineators are tall, tubular reflectors mounted on the road surface, which is used to channelize traffic.

This project does not require additional right of way (ROW) or displacements. 

Installation of the new striping began in mid October 2020. Although the project was slated to be completed by end of 2020, the project is currently on hold pending further public outreach. 

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Contact Us

Reference the following project number: 0064-07-044
TxDOT Beaumont District Office
8350 Eastex Freeway
Beaumont, Texas 77708-1701
(409) 892-7311