This first potential US 69 corridor segment, the Gateway to the Big Thicket, has been identified for priority funding as part of the Beaumont District US 69 Corridor effort, which starts near FM 420 near the Big Thicket National Preserve in Hardin County, to just south of Warren in Tyler County.  Actual construction timing will vary and the specific alignment is still being determined. The public is encouraged to visit the US 69 Corridor project page for more background about other potential segment areas in the Beaumont District area.

Public Involvement

Public involvement opportunities will be provided throughout the study process. The project team will seek input from stakeholders who live and work along the corridor, and who have a particular interest in its improvement.  All of the comments received from stakeholders will be considered by the project team as they conduct their analysis of the US 69 corridor.

Study Schedule

At a high level, the process includes:

  • Public involvement on Beaumont District US 69 Corridor: Begins Spring 2017 to gain early feedback and is ongoing throughout the project
  • Public meeting: Early 2019
  • Right-of-way acquisition: To be determined
  • Ready for bid: Anticipated 2021 for the Gateway to the Big Thicket segment based on if approval is received; however, timing of other segments has not been determined
  • Construction cost estimate: To be determined

Get Involved

The public may subscribe for study updates, check the Beaumont District Twitter page and contact the Beaumont District Office with questions.


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