November 2007
Texas voters approved Proposition 12, which authorized the issuance of up to $5 billion in general obligation bonds.

June 2009
The 81st Texas Legislature approved Senate Bill 1, authorizing TxDOT to go to contract on approximately $2 billion in voter-approved bonds for non-tolled highway projects.

July 2009
Senate Bill 1 signed by Governor Perry, authorizing the issuance of $2 billion in general obligation bonds

August 2009
TxDOT briefed Texas Transportation Commission on potential uses of Prop 12 funds. Commission directed staff to meet with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to develop guiding principles for project selection priorities.

September 2009
TxDOT met with MPOs to develop guiding principles for project selection priorities. TxDOT briefed Texas Transportation Commission on guiding principles developed. Commission directed TxDOT to develop a list of the highest priority projects.

October 2009
TxDOT identifies $2 billion in projects recommended for Prop12 funding to the Texas Transportation Commission.

November 2009
Texas Transportation Commission takes final vote on approved list of Prop12-funded projects.

April 2010
First Prop 12 project contracts will be set for bids.

June 2010
First Prop 12 projects will begin construction.

June 2011
Rider 42 authorized by Gov. Perry and the Legislature

August 2011
TxDOT Districts and MPOs began grassroots effort to identify and select project by working with rural planning organizations, elected officials and the public.

September 2011
Formal public involvement begins.

September 29, 2011
Texas Transportation Commission authorizes allocations and projects in accordance with Rider 42.

Summer of 2012
Construction bids accepted on first Proposition 12 Program 2 projects.

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