In Summer 2011, the Texas Legislature authorized TxDOT to go to contract on approximately $3 billion
in general obligation bonds for highway improvements. Texas voters approved these Proposition 12
bonds, which are backed by the state’s general revenue not by fuel tax revenues, by a vote of 63 percent in November 2007.

Specific Program Areas

Program 2 of Proposition 12 encompasses the following specific program areas:

  • $1.4 billion distributed to TxDOT's 25 districts
  • $600 million distributed to 25 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)
  • $200 million for statewide connectivity
  • $500 million for bridges
  • $300 million to four metro regions to address congestion problems

Specific Program Areas Pie Chart

Public Involvement

TxDOT worked in partnership with MPOs, cities, counties and corridor associations to identify and prioritize needs. TxDOT held meetings with stakeholders and conducted public hearings, including TxDOT's first statewide hearing via video teleconference. Much of this intensive public involvement effort was conducted and completed in four months.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships with MPOs, cities, counties and corridor associations were created. Some of the noted strategic partnerships include the following:

  • Ports to Plains Corridor working between districts to maximize funding opportunities
  • IH 69 corridor needs addressed between PHR and CRP Districts
  • Dallas Horseshoe Project culminating in a combination of district, MPO, bridge and federal earmark funds to assemble the largest Prop 12 funded project at over $800M
  • Expansion of the main lanes of I-35 through Temple to complete a corridor vision to have at least six main lanes of travel from San Antonio to the Hillsboro "Y"

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