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Testimony on General Appropriations Bill (SB 1)

On Feb. 4, 2013, TxDOT Executive Director Phil Wilson testified before the Senate Finance Committee on SB1, the General Appropriations Bill.

Wilson provided an overview of the budget’s impact on TxDOT’s ability to provide a safe and reliable transportation system for Texas.

Key points include:

  • Bond funds have allowed TxDOT to increase construction in recent years. However, once these temporary funding sources diminish, construction will drop to levels not seen since the early 2000’s. Our transportation system requires a stable, long-term financing source.
  • Higher prices for raw materials, greater vehicle fuel efficiency and the unreliability of federal funding create additional pressure on transportation financing.
  • A $1.6 billion request to repair and reinforce roads impacted by the state’s booming energy sector.
  • A request to reduce diversions from the State Highway Fund by $200 million annually in order to pay for new maintenance projects.
  • TxDOT is implementing a sweeping cost-savings program to save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.