El Paso District Wins Regional Seal Coat Award
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Contact: Lauren Macias-Cervantes

Phone: (915) 790-4341

Date: Sept. 22, 2021

TxDOT's El Paso District was selected as the winner for the inaugural Jon A. Epps Seal Coat Award for Region 2, for fiscal year 2020, from the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association. TxDOT partnered with Cox Paving and team representatives accepted the award Wednesday morning at the TXAPA 46th annual meeting in San Antonio.

Seal coat is a layer of sprayed-on asphalt, followed by a thin layer of aggregate, particulate material that can be composed of gravel, crushed stone, and slag. The resulting surface is durable, flexible, and weather-resistant. A seal coat can extend the life of an existing pavement structure by sealing cracks and preventing moisture entering the underlying layers.

The award recognizes the work performed by the El Paso District in conjunction with contractors to preserve and maintain existing highways. Highways are rated on surface appearance, ride (what the driving public feels while driving the roadway), quality of the seal coat, and overall appearance which includes pavement markings. Region 2 includes the TxDOT Odessa, San Angelo, and Abilene Districts.

“While the fast-paced process involves a team of 6-8 staff for placement, the seal coat effort was a District-wide effort involving various sections such as design, maintenance, and area offices,” said El Paso District Engineer Tomas Treviño.

In 2020 the El Paso District placed a total of 85 centerline miles of seal coat in Culberson and Hudspeth counties using $3.7 million in construction contracts.

More about the award:

The Texas Asphalt Pavement Association is a full-service Association for the asphalt industry. It serves the needs of asphalt producers, contractors, liquid asphalt suppliers, and interested firms dedicated to improving and growing the asphalt industry. The Association is committed and dedicated to providing the services and information that keeps its member firms and the industry on the competitive edge.

The Dr. Jon A. Epps Quality Seal Coat Awards Program is a joint effort of TxDOT and the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association in partnership with the Associated General Contractors of Texas (AGC) and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.



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