Public Invited to Plan for Cross Border Challenges

Contact: Jennifer Wright

Phone: (915) 790-4340

Date: April 18, 2019

The Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan Addresses Current and Future Transportation Strategies

Community members are invited to participate in TxDOT’s Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan (BTMP) at the end of this month.

The blueprint will identify the cross-border challenges of moving people and goods and will include analysis of existing transportation systems — roadway, transit, pedestrian, pipeline, air, rail, ports and waterways. TxDOT is formulating the plan with assistance from steering committees from the three TxDOT Border Districts (Lower Rio Grande Valley Region, Rio Grande Valley and El Paso/Santa Teresa/Chihuahua border region).

“Input from the community and key stakeholders in each of these districts is critical,” said Tim Juarez, TxDOT Branch Manager for the International Trade & Border Planning Freight & International Trade Section. “International trade has an economic impact that goes beyond Border cities in Texas. It has a national and global impact.”

In 2017, Texas traded approximately $187.5 billion with Mexico, more than three times the amount that Texas trades with China, the state’s second largest trading partner.

The BTMP will analyze current and future transportation and will include a prioritized list of transportation investment strategies that improves the efficient movement of people and goods across the border and supports binational, state, regional and local economic competitiveness.

To get feedback, TxDOT will conduct a public meeting:

Monday, April 29
5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
The El Paso Community Foundation Room
333 N. Oregon

The meeting will inform the public about the Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan and allow the public the opportunity to ask questions and provide their feedback.

“The Texas border with Mexico extends for 1,255 miles, or 65 percent of the total U.S.-Mexico border,” added Juarez. “Texas ranks first among U.S. states trading with Mexico, with 33 percent of the total truck and rail trade. We look forward to our meeting in El Paso to gather input from both sides of the border.”

The plan will be developed in four phases over 18 months. Once complete, it will cover more than 20 years of transportation planning with potential updates every 5 years. This public meeting is the first of what are expected to be quarterly public meetings. The final BTMP report is expected in December 2020.

Anyone not able to attend the public meeting can learn more and also submit comments online by visiting the website and searching for “Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan."


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