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Date: Oct. 31, 2019

About 150 miles of Northeast Texas highways will receive new surfaces during the summer of 2020 with a contract awarded in October by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

The Texas Transportation Commission approved a bid of $7.3 million from Missouri Petroleum Products Company of Mountain View, MO to seal coat highways in eight counties located within the Atlanta District.

"Seal coating a highway involves placing a layer of hot asphalt over the old pavement and then covering it with crushed stone," said Mike Anderson, District Engineer in Atlanta.  "This is a relatively inexpensive process that makes the roadway surface watertight, improves skid resistance and preserves the pavement structure."

In an effort to help keep used tires off Texas landscapes, the district is requiring the asphalt used to be mixed with "crumb rubber" made from grinding up old tires.

"Using crumb rubber in our asphalt has proved to be an excellent process for seal coating our highways.  The rock is less likely to pull loose, there are fewer occurrences of the asphalt bleeding through the rock and it can be used on a wider variety of surfaces," Anderson said.

The following highways are scheduled to be resurfaced during the summer of 2020:

County Highway Limits Miles
Bowie FM 2149

From: SH 8

To: US 67

Bowie FM 3098

From: US 67

To: FM 2149

Camp FM 1521

From: FM 1520

To: SH 11

Cass FM 249

From: 0.3 mile east of FM 785

To: FM 3129

Cass FM 2791

From: SH 77

To: US 59

Harrison FM 2208

From: Marion County Line

To: FM 450

Harrison SH 43

From: I-20

To: Panola County Line

Harrison FM 31

From: US 59

To: I-20

Harrison FM 31

From: FM 2625

To: 0.4 mile north of FM 451

Harrison FM 2625

From: SH 43

To: US 59

Morris FM 144

From: Loop 284

To: SH 11

Panola US 59

From: 0.3 mile south of FM 2517

To: 0.4 mile north of FM 999

Panola SH 43

From: Harrison County Line

To: FM 959

Panola US 79

From: FM 31

To: 0.2 mile south of Mill Creek

Panola SH 149

From: FM 124

To: FM 959

Panola FM 699

From: Bus 79

To: FM 2517

Panola FM 10

From: Bus 79

To: FM 2517

Titus FM 1001

From: US 67

To: FM 1993

Titus FM 21

From: Franklin County Line

To: Camp County Line

Titus FM 1402

From: FM 71

To: I-30

Titus FM 1734

From: US 67

To: US 271

Upshur SH 154

From: US 259

To: Marion County Line

Upshur FM 852

From: FM 2088

To: FM 1002

Upshur FM 1002

From: FM 852

To: SH 154

Upshur FM 593

From: US 271

To: FM 2796

Upshur FM 2796

From: FM 593

To: FM 557

Upshur FM 1845

From: FM 726

To: Gregg County Line



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