Volunteering is at the heart of a strong community, and TxDOT sponsors a pair of programs that make it easy for you to help make your community a better place. Do you want to make a positive difference where you live? If so, consider TxDOT’s Adopt-a-Highway and Adopt-an-Airport programs.



Just about anyone who has driven Texas roads has seen our blue Adopt-a-Highway signs. The program enables groups of all kinds – schools, churches, civic organizations, even individuals – to participate in keeping their local roadways clean and litter-free. Today, more than 4,500 groups across Texas are keeping our roads beautiful, and there’s always plenty more highway to go around. Visit the Adopt-a-Highway website for details, history, and information on how you can join in.


Less well-known – but no less important – is TxDOT’s Adopt-an-Airport program. Similar to Adopt-a-Highway, this program allows citizens the opportunity to help beautify and maintain the many smaller, publicly owned airports throughout Texas. Our Adopt-an-Airport page will tell you all you need to know about program details and how to get started.