Where: Robinson Jr. Community Center
2020 Hermann Drive
Houston, TX 77004

When: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013
5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Purpose: A public meeting regarding proposed improvements along Almeda Road between Old Spanish Trail and South MacGregor Way.

Description: Proposed improvements include the following:
  • The addition of one lane in each direction, thereby increasing the capacity of Almeda Road from two lanes to three lanes in each direction between Old Spanish Trail to South MacGregor Way.  
  • A 16-foot wide raised median between Old Spanish Trail and South MacGregor Way. 
  • The existing grassy median would be replaced with a raised median, with dedicated left-turn bays at select intersections. 
  • A 10-foot pedestrian/bicycle path is proposed on the west side of Almeda Road
  • A five foot wide sidewalk is proposed on the east side of Almeda Road. 
  • All inside lanes would be 12 feet wide. 
  • Approximately 0.13 acre of additional ROW would be required for the proposed project.  No displacements are anticipated to occur.
Contact: TxDOT Houston District
Terri Leeson
PO Box 1386
Houston, TX 77251-1386
Phone: (713) 802-5247