Initiative Overview

  1. The Modernize Portfolio and Project Management II (MPPM II) initiative is designing an information management solution that will help TxDOT better deliver transportation projects for Texans by creating a one-stop-shop of information such as project selection and delivery timeline, budgets, contract management and more.
  2. For the past two years, TxDOT has been working on strategic initiatives required to deliver a transportation program that will prioritize and deploy up to $70 billion in projects over the next ten years. As part of this overall effort, the Modernize Portfolio and Project Management II (MPPM II) initiative will deliver an automated system to monitor our portfolio of transportation while ensuring data consistency to garner the Agency's desired outcomes.
  3. Due to the complexity of retiring more than 40 legacy systems and building and implementing one platform, MPPM II will be implemented in phases over the next two years. You can view the current timeline here.
  4. MPPM II impacts many stakeholders, both internal and external to TxDOT. This includes people who use the systems to input data regarding TxDOT projects, as well as those who rely on that information for decision-making. Internal stakeholders include approximately 6,500 employees, administrators and the Texas Transportation Commission. External stakeholders include consultants, vendors, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), local governments, the Federal Highway Administration and other federal agencies.


  1. MPPM II training for external stakeholders will comprise online, on-demand computer-based training modules. We will provide more up-to-date training information as we move through each phase of the project.

System Functionality

  1. In the first phases of MPPM II to be implemented, functionality includes introducing the transportation project management workflow, replacing the Design/Construction Information System (DCIS) user interface and Universal Specification File System (USF), DCIS integrations, and replacing the Right of Way Information System (ROWIS). We will share more information about the scope of each phase as the project progresses.
  2. Yes, there will be robust reporting functionality available in the new system. The MPPM II solution will provide a variety of report templates, as well customized reports for TxDOT's end users. The MPPM II project team is currently working with subject matter experts (SMEs) to identify the types of data and reports end users will need to access from the system.

Contacts and Resources

  1. This website will be updated over the course of the project to communicate key project updates and activities, including milestones, training information and contacts.
  2. You can submit questions about the MPPM II project to