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Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the City Pride Sign Program.

How many City Pride Signs can a city have?

A city may install one City Pride Sign per highway entering the city.

Does TxDOT approve the sign location?

Yes. The local TxDOT district office, working with the city, will approve the exact placement for the City Pride Sign.

Who pays for the sign? Can TxDOT build a City Pride Sign for our city?

The city is responsible for all costs of the sign including construction and maintenance. City materials and personnel can be used to construct a City Pride Sign, or a sign building contractor can be hired.

Note: Since the sign is owned by the city, TxDOT cannot build the sign.

The Associated General Contractors of Texas (AGC) can provide names of contractors familiar with TxDOT specifications. The AGC can be reached at (512) 478-4691.

What is the cost? How big can it be?

The cost for a City Pride Sign can range from $100 to $2,000 depending on the sign's size and design. The maximum size is 80 square feet (10 feet wide by 8 feet high). In addition to the sign designs developed by TxDOT, a city may submit alternate designs as long as the sign meets TxDOT specifications and maintains breakaway capability.

What is "Breakaway Capability"?

TxDOT approved sign supports are designed to break away from the foundation if hit. This greatly reduces the chances for driver and passenger injury. Over the years, the use of breakaway signs has saved thousands of lives.

Does TxDOT have existing standards for City Pride Signs?

Yes. These standards are available for review.

Can a city landscape around our City Pride Sign supports?

Small plants, flowers and shrubs are allowed. Trees, landscape timbers, stones, concrete or brick may not be used due to the possible safety hazards they create for motorists. All landscaping is the responsibility of the city. TxDOT is not responsible for maintaining, mowing, watering, trimming or replacing items due to damage caused by vehicles, vandalism, theft, fire, inclement weather, or TxDOT construction or maintenance activities.

Can a City Pride Sign be illuminated? Are flashing lights or strobe lights allowed?

A City Pride sign may not be illuminated, either by an external or internal source.

Can a sign display information about local high school teams and championships?

Yes. This information may be displayed in letters up to 8 inches high.

Does TxDOT have approval authority over the civic organizations signs or the content included on a sign?

In general, the contents of a City Pride Sign are approved by the city. However, TxDOT does require that civic organization signs posted on City Pride Sign do not do the following: Include commercial advertisingResemble traffic control signs or signalsInclude city ordinances or regulations.

What happens when a sign becomes full?

The city has full authority to determine the order, arrangement, and length of display for the civic organization signs included on a City Pride Sign.

Our City has "Superior Water Supply" and "Clean Texas 2000" signs attached to our city limit signs. What will happen to these signs?

If the city wishes to retain these signs, they will be removed from TxDOT sign supports and mounted on separate supports near city limit signs at city expense. Signs already placed near the city limit sign that meet the City Pride Sign requirements may remain.

How can a city get a City Pride Sign?

1. City officials should first contact the local TxDOT District office to obtain an application and a copy of the written agreement. 2. TxDOT will assist the city in determining a suitable location for the sign. 3. The city will then complete an application and submit the proposed plans for the sign to TxDOT for review. 4. Once TxDOT approves the propose sign, the city may enter into an agreement with TxDOT and then install the sign.

Is a non-incorporated community eligible?


What happens if a sign is damaged, neglected, or not maintained?

TxDOT will notify the city of non-compliance with the City Pride Sign Agreement. If the noted issues are not corrected in a timely manner, TxDOT will remove the sign at the city's expense.

What happens if our city decides not to participate in the City Pride Sign Program?

Participation in the City Pride Sign Program is completely voluntary, although TxDOT does encourage cities to relocate their non-official signs within state right of way to an approved City Pride Sign. Non-official signs within state right of way, or signs attached to TxDOT sign supports, will be removed.

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