Hurricane Contraflow Videos
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In the event of a hurricane evacuation from low-lying coastal areas, existing highway lanes (freeway and non-freeway) may be converted into "contraflow lanes."

What is Contraflow?

Contraflow is when vehicles travel in the opposite direction of a lane's normal traffic flow.

This occurs during an event like a hurricane evacuation, when all traffic lanes move toward inland safety and away from the Gulf Coast.

A hurricane evacuation lane is an extra wide shoulder that is converted into an active thru lane in order to increase capacity during an emergency.

Contraflow Information

The videos below offer instructions on how to use contraflow lanes and are available in English or Spanish.

Contraflow brochures for Texas roadways are also available.

Title Low High
Contraflow Crossover
Contraflow Crossover (Español)
Inland Terminus
Inland Terminus (Español)
Special Contraflow Ramp
Special Contraflow Ramp (Español)
Non-Freeway Contraflow  
Non-Freeway Contraflow (Español)



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