TxDOT Toll Operations Division has established a program directed to vendors interested in providing services supporting the operation of toll projects and systems at no cost to the TxDOT. This solicitation is conducted in accordance with Transportation Code, §228.052 and Texas Administrative Code, Title 43, Rule §27.84.  

The program is administered through an application process. Applications received will be evaluated to determine if the applicant satisfies the requirements for the type of service being proposed. Each applicant will be notified as to the status of their application once TxDOT has made a determination. Approved applicants will be required to enter into an agreement with TxDOT covering provision of the services. TxDOT will consider entering into multiple agreements for each of the service categories, and agreements will not be exclusive to any particular provider. Providers may apply for more than one type of service agreement. TxDOT reserves the right to suspend acceptance of applications for any of the services at any time.

Fleet Account

Fleet Accounts agreements are available to providers with a large number of vehicles that desire a more direct way to manage tolls. The application form, vendor qualifications, service requirements, sample agreement and other information is provided at the links below: