Working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, TxDOT developed a process for contractors and material suppliers to:

  • Ensure compliance with existing state and federal environmental statutes.
  • Document the use of recycled materials in construction and maintenance projects.
  • Ensure that recycled materials pose no threat to human health or the environment, without holding them to standards above those of our traditional materials.
  • Assure that this process is consistent.

Item 6, Control of Materials in the 2014 TxDOT standard specifications, states in Section 6.9, “Recycled Materials,” that non-hazardous recyclable materials (NRMs) may be used unless disallowed or restricted by the Specification for the Item.”

Contractors use one or more of the following forms to certify that the NRMs are used in accordance with DMS-11000 Evaluating and Using Non-Hazardous Recyclable Materials Guidelines:

Form Number Title PDF
CSTM NRM-1 Contractor’s Checklist Contractor's Checklist PDF
CSTM NRM-2 Contractor’s Environmental Certification Contractor's Environmental Certification PDF
CSTM NRM-3 Supplier’s/Producer’s Environmental Certification Supplier's/Producer's Environmental Certification PDF

TxDOT approves Prequalified Suppliers of Nonhazardous Recycled Materials to supply certain nonhazardous recycled materials based on their history of satisfactory environmental testing and documented quality control plans. Please contact us if you have any questions.