TxDOT and its contractors use significant quantities of recycled materials and products in constructing roadways.

Roadway Recycled Materials and Products Placed in FY10
192,000 cubic yards Compost
143,000 tons Fly Ash
22,900 tons Oil and Gas Well Drill Cuttings
5,500 tons Crumb Rubber
2,200 tons Glass Traffic Beads
1,200 tons Cellulose Fiber Mulch

While many roadway specifications allow contractors to choose recycled materials, many of our FY10 contracts specified recycled materials.

Roadway Recycled Materials Specified in Contracts Let in FY10
337,000 cubic yards Compost
6,106 tons Crumb Rubber
3,670 tons Cellulose Fiber Mulch

We recovered significant quantities of materials and products for reuse or recycling in FY10.

Recovered Products and Materials
3.34 million tons Asphalt Pavement
1.01 million tons Concrete Pavement
3,070 tons Scrap Metal
2,030 tons Scrap-Tire Rubber
768 tons Scrap Paper

In FY10, we purchased more than $25 million worth of environmentally preferable products, not including roadway pavement materials.

Purchases of Recycled-Content Products
$7.74 million Compost Products
$697 million Printing and Writing Paper
$2,200,000 Glass Traffic Beads
$894,000 Cellulose Fiber Mulch
$869,000 Re-Refined Motor Oils and Lubricants
$719,000 Remanufactured Toner Cartridges
$530,000 Flexible Delineator Posts
$197,000 Paper Towels and Tissues