Below is a list of the problem statements selected by TxDOT. A comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) is available for these problem statements. For more information about the proposal process, please refer to the University Handbook.

Proposal Deadline: 4 p.m. CST, Thursday, April 12, 2018

19-2 Concrete Median Barrier for Flood-Prone Areas
19-3 Generalized Skew Update and Regional Study of Other Measures of Distribution Shape for Texas Flood Frequency Analyses
19-11 Synthesis of Precast Column Designs for Texas Bridges
19-13 Calibration of Bridge Element Based Deterioration Models
19-14 Update Rainfall Coefficients with 2018 NOAA Atlas 14 rainfalldata
19-18 Utilizing Steel Fibers as Concrete Reinforcement in BridgeDecks
19-44 UHPC Bridge Superstructures in Texas
19-72 North Texas Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Analysis
19-87 Evaluate Potential Impact of Truck Platooning on TexasInfrastructure
19-133 Perform Feasibility Study on Use of Innovative Tools andTechniques to Accelerate Pavement Construction
19-137 Proper Selection of Ride Quality Pay Adjustment Schedule
19-147 Field Characterization of Micro- and Macro-texture for providing SaferRoads
19-148 Quantification of the Performance of Preventive Maintenanceand Rehabilitation Strategies
19-157 Update Seal Coat Application Rate Design Method
19-195 Development of MASH Test Level 3 (TL-3) Compliant Transitionbetween Median Guardrail and Median Concrete Barrier
19-199 Evaluation of Roadside Treatments to Mitigate RoadwayDeparture Crashes
19-203 Traffic Safety Improvements at Low Water Crossings
19-219 Work Zone Materials for Temporary Signs in High Wind Areas
19-220 Retrofit Design of Guard Fence System to AccommodateMotorcycle Safety
19-221 Alternative RPMs on Highways with Centerline Rumble Strips
19-225 Increasing Safety of Winter Weather Operations
19-227 Capacity and Cost Benefits of Super 2 Corridors
19-228 Work Zone Traffic Engineering Strategies at Flagger Stationsand Lane Closures
19-400 Preparing and Utilizing Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research in Transportation

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