• The South Orient Railroad (SORR), a TxDOT-owned rail facility, is approximately 391 miles in length. SORR extends from San Angelo Junction (in Coleman County, 5 miles southwest of Coleman) through San Angelo to Presidio at the Texas/Mexico border.
  • Train speeds on the SORR were restricted to 10 mph as a result of deferred maintenance by the prior owners, which caused deterioration of the infrastructure.
  • The SORR has one of five rail border crossings between Texas and Mexico, and one of eight between the U.S. and Mexico.


TxDOT has completed the rehabilitation of 151 miles of the line from San Angelo Junction (near Coleman) to Pecos County through several rehabilitation projects which began in the fall of 2009. Rehabilitation is continuing with total funding secured to date:

  • Federal Funds: $38,357,325
  • State Funds: $8,500,000
  • Texas Pacifico (Private): $12,575,700
  • City of San Angelo: $250,000
  • Total: $59,683,025

The work completed to date includes:

  • 181,000 cross ties replaced
  • 965 switch ties replaced
  • 93,267 linear feet of rail replaced
  • 100,000 tons of ballast installed
  • 110 grade crossings reconstructed with timber surfaces
  • 64 grade crossings reconstructed with concrete surfaces
  • Truss bridge at Ballinger replaced with concrete
  • Fire damaged timber bridge near San Angelo yard replaced with concrete
  • Structurally deficient bridge near Talpa replaced with culverts
  • Repairs to 29 additional bridges and drainage structures
  • Eight grade crossing signal systems upgraded to 25 mph
  • Repairs to 35 switches
  • Construction of an additional mile-long interchange track at San Angelo Junction

TXPF has performed additional rehabilitation and routine maintenance independently of the above TxDOT rehabilitation work. These projects have enabled 40 mph speeds from San Angelo Junction (near Coleman) to San Angelo, and 25 mph from San Angelo to Sulphur Junction (11 miles east of Fort Stockton). This work included an additional mile-long interchange track at San Angelo Junction.

TxDOT received a $7 million Federal FASTLANE grant award for the rehabilitation of the rail line in Presidio County on Aug. 2, 2017.