5G – Fifth generation of mobile telecommunications

Automated Vehicle/Autonomous Vehicle (AV) – Vehicle capable of driving itself in some, or all environments, without a driver

Connected Vehicle (CV) – Vehicle that is connected to and able to share data with other vehicles, the infrastructure, and the Cloud

Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) – Wireless communication that allows automobiles to communicate with other automobiles or infrastructure

Mobility-on-Demand – A concept in which consumers can access mobility, goods, and services on demand by using shared mobility, delivery services, and public transit through a connected network

Pilot – Small scale deployment of the technology in real-world settings with consumers

Request for Information (RFI) – A process to gather information and compare the capabilities of a product or supplier

SPaT (Signal Phase and Timing) –Provides the current phase of traffic lights and how long that phase will persist

SPaT Challenge – A challenge to states from the National Operations Center of Excellence to deploy infrastructure with SPaT broadcasts in at least one corridor (approximately 20 signalized intersections) by January 2020

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) – Wireless communication between automobiles and any entity that may affect it (automobiles, infrastructure, devices, pedestrians, etc.)

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) – Wireless communication between automobiles and the infrastructure

Waze Connected Citizen Program – A program in which cities can share upcoming traffic information with Waze, such as closures and construction, and receive access to real-time data reported by users in the app

Waze Global Event Partner Program – A program in which cities and Waze share data to reduce event day traffic congestion and improve traffic conditions