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The Materials and Tests Division publishes construction and materials articles and advisories periodically. The information is grouped by subject matter below.


Date Title PDF
09/19 FAQs for PG Binders
09/19 Opening Stuck Valves on Asphalt Piping
07/19 Epoxy Safety

Flexible Pavements

Date Title PDF


Date Title PDF

Prefabricated Structural Materials (PSTR)

Date Title PDF
07/19 Precast Concrete Products

Quality Systems and Calibration

Date Title PDF
09/17 Calibrating Effects

Rigid Pavements, Chemical and Concrete Materials (RPCM)

Date Title PDF
09/19 Hot Weather Concreting
09/19 Construction Tips: Certifications for Concrete Testing
09/19 Sawing Concrete Pavement
09/19 Tie Bars in Concrete Pavements
09/19 Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete (Class CAC Concrete)
09/19 Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete (Class CAC Concrete) Tip Sheet
09/19 Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC)
09/19 Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Tip Sheet
07/19 Fly Ash Supply Update
07/19 Concrete Curing (Condensed)

Soils and Aggregates

Date Title PDF

Traffic Materials and Coatings

Date Title PDF
07/19 Concrete Curing (Condensed)

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For newsletter publication information, contact the Materials and Tests Division at (512) 506-5802. For technical information, contact the person cited in the article.