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Consultant Precertification

A firm must be precertified prior to being awarded a professional services contract with TxDOT. In order to become precertified, firms must go through the precertification application process. Firms that have never been precertified with TxDOT before should do so. Otherwise, precertified firms can update current information by using the Consultant Certification Information System (CCIS).

Precertification is required for all work categories on a contract and is based on employee projects. TxDOT precertifies individuals based on prior work experience. An employee demonstrates his or her work experience by describing the work done on projects in the past. Precertification is then granted or denied based on this information, and any firm that individual works for is also precertified.

Precertified firms must maintain an Active Status by completing the renewal process for their firm's precertification between January 1 and March 31 each year. An Active Status is required when submitting a Letter of Interest for a professional services contract. Precertified firms can renew by accessing the CCIS and following the instructions in the CCIS System Help Guide. Firms may print a Renewal Certificate once they have completed the renewal process.

For work categories that require a professional engineer, architect, or land surveyor, an individual may demonstrate that they meet the minimum licensure requirement by providing information indicating that they possess a current professional license issued by a U.S. state or territory. For professional engineers from Canada or Mexico, this may be demonstrated by information indicating that they possess a current professional engineering license issued by one of the jurisdictions of Canada or the United Mexican States.

Although the professional license from another jurisdiction may be sufficient to meet the minimum precertification licensure requirement, it is the responsibility of the individual to comply with the laws and rules governing the practice of their discipline within the State of Texas.

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