On May 30, 2019, the Texas Transportation Commission, by Minute Order 115487, approved the determination that the proposal submitted by Dragados-Pulice JV provides the apparent best value to TxDOT.

Apparent Best Value Documents

Texas Transportation Commission Meeting PDF
Presentation Presentation PDF
Agenda Agenda PDF


Proposer List Score
(Max 100)
Dragados-Pulice JV 86.46 Dragados Pulice JV - Executive Summary PDF Dragados Pulice JV - Team List PDF
Austin | Sundt JV 73.39 Austin | Sundt JV - Executive Summary PDF Austin | Sundt JV - Team List PDF
I-2 Connector, LLC 66.55 I-2 Connector, LLC - Executive Summary PDF I-2 Connector, LLC - Team List PDF

More Information
I-2/I-69C Interchange