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This page contains the Pass-Through Finance information from TxDOT districts.


County: Jefferson
Highway: FM 365
Project Description: Improvements to FM 365 from US 69W to I-10
Project Goals: Enhance safety
Project Tool Benefits: Uses financial options to build transportation project faster
Estimated: $14 Million


County: Washington
Highway: US 290 at FM 577 and SH 36
Project Description: Improvements to US 290 and associated access roads from FM 577 to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway line.
Project Goals: Enhance safety
Project Tool Benefits: Increase the value of transportation assets with improvements to roadways
Estimated: $15 Million


County: Galveston
Highway: FM 646
Project Description: Improvements to roadway on FM 646 from I-45 to FM 1764.
Project Goals: Reduce congestion
Project Tool Benefits: Empower local officials to solve regional transportation issues and build projects faster compared to traditional funding
Estimated: $53.7 Million

County: Montgomery
Highway: Multiple - see Project Description
Project Description: Construct, maintain and operate improvements to FM 1484, FM 1485, FM 1488, and FM 1314 and a direct connector from SH 242 to I-45
Project Goals: Reduce congestion
Project Tool Benefits: Empower officials from Montgomery County to begin project 10 years ahead of schedule compared to traditional funding
Estimated: $174.47 Million


County: Val Verde
Highway: US 277
Start Date: 05/01/2007
Project Description: US 277 Relief Route - A new two-lane roadway approximately 11.75 miles east of Del Rio from FM 2523 to US 90 and US 277.
Project Goals: Reduce congestion and traffic delays. Improve air quality by allowing traffic to move more efficiently.
Project Tool Benefits: Transportation needs are met now rather than waiting a decade for traditional funding.
Estimated: $75 Million


County: Grayson
Highway: SH 289
Start Date: 06/01/2007
Project Description: Construction of major north-south thoroughfare connecting northern Grayson County to SH 289 and North Dallas.
Project Tool Benefits: Connect the Grayson County Airport and northern Grayson County to SH 289. Relieve congestion from US 75 and provide rural access to suburban areas. Expand economic opportunities in the surrounding areas. Utilizing pass-through toll financing accelerates the project by up to 10 years.
Length: Approximately 10 miles
Estimated: $84.5 Million

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