Material Specifications
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Material Specifications (6000 Series)

Material Specifications (6000 Series)

Materials specifications and quality program requirements for miscellaneous construction materials including adhesives, sealants, construction fabrics and textiles, lime, compost, and deicing chemicals.

Material Specification Title Archive Form
DMS-6100 Epoxies and Adhesives X
DMS-6110 Quality Monitoring Program for Epoxies and Adhesives X
DMS-6130 Bituminous Adhesive for Pavement Markers X
DMS-6140 Polymer Concrete for Bridge Joint Systems X
DMS-6150 Piezoelectric Sensor Sealant Materials X
DMS-6160 Water Stops, Nylon Reinforced Neoprene Sheet, and Elastomeric Pads
DMS-6170 Polymeric Materials for Patching Spalls in Concrete Pavement X
DMS-6200 Filter Fabric X
DMS-6210 Vertical Moisture Barrier X
DMS-6220 Fabric for Underseals X
DMS-6230 Temporary Sediment Control Fence Fabric X
DMS-6240 Geogrid for Base/Embankment Reinforcement X
DMS-6250 Geogrid-Fabric Composite for Pavements X
DMS-6260 Reinforced Fabric Joint Underseal X
DMS-6270 Biaxial Geogrid for Environmental Cracking
DMS-6300 Waterproofing X
DMS-6310 Joint Sealants and Fillers X
DMS-6320 Quality Monitoring Program for Temporary Sediment Control Fence Fabric, Filter Fabric, and Fabric Underseal X
DMS-6330 Pre-Qualification of Lime Sources X
DMS-6340 Vehicle Loop Wire Sealant X
DMS-6350 Lime and Lime Slurry X
DMS-6360 Compost X
DMS-6370 Soil Retention Blankets X
DMS-6400 De-Icer/Anti-Icer X
DMS-6410 Asphalt Release Agents

Contact Information

For DMS-6100 through DMS-6230, DMS-6260, DMS-6300 through DMS-6330, and DMS-6350 through DMS-6400, contact the Rigid Pavements and Concrete Materials Section at (512) 506-5858; For DMS-6240, DMS-6250, and DMS-6270, conta ct the Soils and Aggregates Section at (512) 506-5907; For DMS-6340 and DMS-6410, contact the Flexible Pavements Section at (512) 506-5963




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