2013 Aviation Art Contest

The International Aviation Art Contest is designed to motivate and encourage children to study aeronautics, engineering and science. The theme for the 2013 Contest was "My Favorite Air Sport." 2014 Art Contest information is available.

Category I - Ages 6-9
Nathan Boone, Age 7, Uvalde, Texas, 1st place; 1st place National Winner
Nathan Boone, Age 7
Uvalde, Texas
1st place
1st place National Winner

Jessica Zhang, Age 9, Port Lavaca, Texas, 2nd place
Jessica Zhang, Age 9
Port Lavaca, Texas
2nd place
Alicia Gonzalez, Age 8, Driscoll, Texas, 3rd place
Alicia Gonzalez, Age 8
Driscoll, Texas
3rd place

Category II - Ages 10-13
Chelsey Wen, Age 13, Plano, Texas, 1st place; 2nd place National Winner
Chelsey Wen, Age 13
Plano, Texas
1st place
2nd place National Winner
Avery Hunter, Age 11, Corpus Christi, Texas, 2nd place
Avery Hunter, Age 11
Corpus Christi, Texas
2nd place
Jessica Bang, Age 13, Corpus Christi, Texas, 3rd place
Jessica Bang, Age 13
Corpus Christi, Texas
3rd place
Arianna Lara, Age 12, Brownsville, Texas, Honorable Mention
Arianna Lara, Age 12
Brownsville, Texas
Honorable Mention

Category III - Ages 14-18
Nathaniel Powell, Age 17, Premont, Texas, 1st place
Nathaniel Powell, Age 17
Premont, Texas
1st place
Michael Hasha, Age 17, Magnolia, Texas, 2nd place
Michael Hasha, Age 17
Magnolia, Texas
2nd place
Alexis Lozano, Age 14, Brownsville, Texas, 3rd place
Alexis Lozano, Age 14
Brownsville, Texas
3rd place
Eli Reagh, Age 15, Longview, Texas, Honorable Mention
Eli Reagh, Age 15
Longview, Texas
Honorable Mention
Emily Hernandez, Age 14, Fort Worth, Texas, Honorable Mention
Emily Hernandez, Age 14
Fort Worth, Texas
Honorable Mention
Allexia Esquivel, Age 14, Brownsville, Texas, Honorable Mention
Allexia Esquivel, Age 14
Brownsville, Texas
Honorable Mention