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Use the tables below to locate San Antonio District forms and documents. Some of these are self-extracting executable files (with an .exe extension). After you transfer the file to your local system, double-click the .EXE file to "unpack" it into a Word file.

Title Date PDF Word EXE
2014 Specification Book: Master General Notes 10/20
File Management System 04/11    
Files Containing Illumination Programs Newvolt and Serpole      
Request for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Design Variance      
Linking Instructions for San Antonio File Management System      
ADA Curb Ramp and Sidewalk Guidance 09/16    
Guidelines Emphasizing Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations 03/11    


Title Format
None or Clear
Not Clear or to Remain in Place
Railroad Coordination and Certification
Agreement Executed-Work During Construction
Agreement Executed-Work Prior to Construction
Agreement not Executed-Work During Construction
No Railroad Work
Clear ROW – Acquisition Complete – Federal Project
Clear ROW- Acquisition Complete – State Project
Clear ROW – Acquisition not Necessary
ROW Status
Unclear ROW – Federal
Unclear ROW – State
ROW Relocation  
Relocation Assistance (No Displacements) Federal Project
Relocation Assistance (No Displacements) State Project
Relocation Assistance (Relocation Completed)
Relocation Assistance (Relocation not Completed) – Federal Project
Relocation Assistance (Relocation not Completed) – State Project
Example Ultility Conflict Exhibit
Example Utility Schedule
Ready to Let Memo
Standard Utility Conflict Matrix
Utility Clearance
Utility Contacts
Utility Adjustment (None or Clear)
Utility Adjustment (Not Clear)
Important Notice to Contractor  
Template: 000-XXX Important Notice to Contractor
Certifications (All Clear)

English and Metric

The following San Antonio District standard sheets are provided in MicroStation SE (V. design file format (.DGN). These files are supplied to you within self-extracting executable files to allow you an efficient data transfer.

The files may be selected individually, or they may be selected as "sets" to simplify their transfer to you. The index that follows lists the individual design files with a description of the standard sheet(s) contained, and it also lists several "sets" of files available for transfer. The sets are organized by design function, and contain files identical to those listed individually. Please note that some "sets" will also include the files listed under Miscellaneous.

When selecting a file or a set of files for transfer, please specify the name of the appropriate executable file, and include the .EXE extension. Double-clicking on the .EXE file after you receive it will "unpack" it into the design file(s) listed.


From the San Antonio District Design Section - Drainage Standards (Manholes, etc.)

Title PDF Date Description ENG MET
CAPINLET.EXE 08/98 Capping Inlets and Manholes X X

From the San Antonio District Design Section - Roadway Standards

Title PDF Date Description ENG MET Comment
BED91.EXE 02/02 Bridge End Details X   Use for Repair Only
hill-country.dgn 04/17 Colored Textured Concrete and Landscape Pavers - Hill Country Theme      
mission.dgn 04/17 Colored Textured Concrete and Landscape Pavers – Mission / Downtown Theme      
SSTRILLUM.EXE 10/11 Single Slope Traffic Railing Type SSTR (1 Sheet) X X w/ Illumination Pole Mount
TBPCABLE.EXE 08/98 Wood Post and Cable X X  

From the San Antonio District Bridge Section

Title PDF Date Description ENG MET
hillcountrythemecosb.dgn 06/20 Hill Country Theme COSB
missionthemecosb.dgn 06/20 Mission Theme COSB
02/20 Hill Country Theme OSB    
missionthemeosb.dgn 02/20 Mission Theme OSB    
sidewalkbridge.dgn 01/20 Sidewalk Bridge    
nbi-stencil.dgn 09/19 Bridge NBI Number Stencil    
headjoint.dgn 02/16 Expansion Joint Header Repair
fabunderseal.dgn 09/12 Fabric Joint Underseal at Expansion and Construction Joints X  
STONEPROTECT.EXE 11/08 Flexible Riprap Stone Protection Embankments and Piers    

From the San Antonio District Design Section - Miscellaneous Design Standards and Files

Title PDF Date Description ENG MET
ARMORCRB.EXE   05/03 Armor Curb Slot w/ Conc. Foundation X  
EPIC.DGN 10/15 Environmental Permits, Issues and Commitments. (1 sheet) X  
SATREEPROTECTION.dgn 01/19 San Antonio Tree Protection    
SATREEPRUNING&REMOVAL.dgn 01/19 San Antonio Tree Pruning & Removal    
SW3P03.DGN 07/13 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan X  
TITLESHT-FED-CNSLT.dgn 01/19 Title Sheet – Federal Aid Funding – Consultant-designed project    
TITLESHT-FED-TXDOT.dgn 01/19 Title Sheet – Federal Aid Funding – TxDOT-designed project    
TITLESHT-STATE-CNSLT.dgn 01/19 Title Sheet – State Funded – Consultant-designed project    
TITLESHT-STATE-TXDOT.dgn 01/19 Title Sheet – State Funded – TxDOT-designed project    
tma-summary.dgn 10/18 TMA Summary Sheet    
MISCCURBDETAILS.DGN 09/20 Miscellaneous Curb and Sidewalk Details

From the San Antonio District Traffic Engineering Section - Traffic Standards

DGN PDF Date Description Comment
RPDD_RADD-20.dgn 04/20 Radar Presence Detection Device (RPDD) and Radar Advance Detection Device (RADD) Placement
horizontal_signing.dgn 05/12 horizontal_signing.dgn Horizontal Signing & Pavement Marking Layout Details
Rip-Rap_Apron_Details_V7.dgn 02/17 Rip-Rap Apron Details  
SSMD.dgn 04/12 Special Sign Mount Details  
TPMD-18.dgn 05/18 Typical Pavement Marking Details (3 sheets)
TWLTL-18.dgn 05/18 Two way Left Turn Lane Details (6 sheets)  
97xwalk.dgn 08/05 Typical Crosswalk Details  
SIG_DET_18.dgn 05/18 Flashing Beacon Timber Pole Installation Details  (sheet 1 of 8 sheets)  
    05/18 Flashing Beacon Steel Strain Pole Installation Details (sheet 2 of 8 sheets)  
    10/07 Solar Powered Roadside Flashing Beacon Assembly Details (sheet 3 of 8 sheets)  
    02/06 Roadside Flashing Beacon Assembly (sheet 4 of 8 sheets)  
    10/07 Signal Head Span Wire Mount Details (sheet 5 of 8 sheets)    
    05/18 Miscellaneous Traffic Signal Details (sheet 6 of 8 sheets)  
    10/06 Vehicle Detector Installation Details (sheet 7 of 8 sheets)  
    02/06 Vehicle Detector Placement Details (sheet 8 of 8 sheets)