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Our Audience Pages

The new TxDOT website is focused on meeting the needs of drivers, businesses, government officials, and those who want to learn more about us. We have created special pages for each of these audiences which can be accessed from any page in the website via four links at the upper right: DriverBusinessGovernment and Inside TxDOT. Depending on a user’s particular interest in TxDOT, one of these pages should provide an ideal starting point for exploring the site.

Internet Browser Compatibility

The most commonly used browsers on TxDOT.gov are listed below. This website is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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Find Information

Information can be located by search engine, the A - Z Site Index, or by navigating through the topic areas.

Topic areas are listed on each page across the top, and each area has its own unique left-hand navigation to allow easy access to high-traffic pages from any page in the topic.


Top Banner Links Purpose
A-Z Site Index Find topic areas using an alphabetical list.
Contact Us Information on how to phone or email us by TxDOT districts, divisions, offices and administration
Espan͂ol Spanish versions of the nine most-accessed pages

Navigate by Audience

Before After
Drivers and Vehicles listed resources for Texas travelers and travel safety information. Drivers - Find out about road conditions, ferry schedules, rest areas, public involvement opportunities or where bluebonnets bloom. Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to register and title your vehicle.

*This page is accessible from the top banner on every page of our website.
The Business with TxDOT page contained a combination of government and business information. Business - Research how to bid on contracts or apply for grants.

*This page is accessible from the top banner on every page of our website.
Government - Find information on transportation legislation and comprehensive development agreements.

*This page is accessible from the top banner on every page of our website.

Inside TxDOT

Before After
Some districts, divisions, and offices had dedicated pages and some did not. The Inside TxDOT page provides a snapshot of the organization and offers access to content organized by the TxDOT structure of districts, divisions, and offices.

*This page is accessible from the top banner on every page of our website.
Jobs Jobs - Apply for a job at TxDOT and find out what benefits we offer.
Public Involvement Get Involved - Find public hearings and meetings schedules and community involvement opportunities.
News The Media Center contains statewide and local news links. Users can also find open records requests, podcasts, a link to contact all PIOs, public awareness information and forms and publications.
Projects Projects - Learn the latest on TxDOT's projects and how they will impact you.
TxDOT Library Forms and Publications - Get TxDOT documents online.
Local Information by District District (Local) Information - Find out local TxDOT district news and issues, including project and contact information.
---- Administration - Learn about TxDOT’s leadership and see an organizational chart of the department. Includes contact information.
---- Divisions - TxDOT's divisions manage a diverse range of responsibilities. Includes contact information.
---- Offices - TxDOT offices handle specific functions for the agency. Includes contact information.


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