State Let Construction Contracts For October 2022

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Updated Wednesday, October 5, 2022 @ 12:45:27 AM (CST)

State Let Construction Contracts For October 2022 (Total Projects: 42)
District County Highway Type of Work Let Date Project No. Control CSJ Est. Cost Contract Type
AbileneHaskellUS 277RESURFACE ROADWAY10/06/22F 2023(083)0157-09-004 $6,870,784.10 F
AmarilloHutchinsonSH 152SURFACING/ROADWAY RESTORATION10/06/22F 2023(128)0557-02-019 $7,439,115.75 F
AtlantaTitusUS 67SEAL COAT10/06/22F 2023(130)0010-06-044 $8,336,804.91 F
BeaumontJeffersonUS 69SURFACING/ROADWAY RESTORATION10/06/22F 2023(070)0200-14-099 $9,616,976.92 F
BeaumontTylerUS 69INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS10/06/22C 200-8-590200-08-059 $1,533,803.39
BryanWalkerSH 19SEAL COAT10/06/22F 2023(144)0109-09-066 $21,395,129.67 F
BryanWashingtonFM 577INSTALL TRAFFIC SIGNAL10/06/22F 2023(006)2447-01-033 $940,899.60 F
ChildressBriscoeSH 86SEAL COAT10/06/22F 2023(160)0303-03-050 $5,617,421.95 F
DallasDentonFM 428REHABILITATE EXISTING ROADWAY10/06/22F 2023(146)2678-02-008 $6,712,604.34 F
DallasKaufmanFM 1895RECONSTRUCT PAVEMENT & ADD SHOULDERS10/06/22C 1975-2-131975-02-013 $11,084,860.94
HoustonMontgomerySH 105RECONSTRUCT AND WIDEN FROM 2 TO 4 LANES10/06/22C 338-4-660338-04-066 $121,805,185.27
LubbockLubbockSH 114INSTALL ILLUMINATION10/06/22F 2023(072)0130-05-086 $253,670.00 F
OdessaWinklerSH 115ROADWAY REHABILITATION10/06/22C 354-4-400354-04-040 $9,249,915.43
ParisGraysonSH 56CONSTRUCT PEDESTRIAN INFRASTRUCTURE10/06/22STP 2021(601)TAPS0045-02-040 $604,113.56 F
ParisHuntIH 30INTERCHANGE IMPROVEMENT10/06/22F 2B22(018)0009-13-167 $119,788,718.88 F
San AntonioComalIH 35RESURFACE ROADWAY10/06/22C 16-5-1220016-05-122 $10,489,063.83
San AntonioComalFM 482RESURFACE ROADWAY10/06/22C 16-19-250016-19-025 $10,333,036.38
WacoBellCSINSTALL PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK, INSTALL SIDEWALKS10/06/22STP 2023(048)HES0909-36-181 $463,329.00 F
YoakumVictoriaSL 463ADD 2 LANES FOR 4-LANE DIVIDED10/06/22F 2022(146)2350-01-060 $12,773,486.10 F
YoakumWhartonFM 1301HIGHWAY IMPROVEMENT10/06/22CC 1412-3-381412-03-038 $13,832,530.15
AtlantaBowieVACONSTRUCT SIDEWALKS AND PEDESTRIAN CURB RAMPS10/07/22STP 2021(276)TAPS0919-19-083 $754,382.60 F
AustinBastropFM 1100RESURFACE ROADWAY10/07/22F 2023(069)1234-02-013 $394,167.24 F
AustinHaysFM 2770WIDEN ROAD - ADD LANES10/07/22STP 2023(068)HES3210-01-019 $1,540,030.60 F
BeaumontJeffersonVALANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT10/07/22F 2023(071)0920-00-155 $824,212.50 F
Corpus ChristiLive OakUA 281SEAL COAT10/07/22C 73-14-90073-14-009 $5,925,241.25
Corpus ChristiLive OakIH 37SEAL COAT10/07/22C 74-1-590074-01-059 $3,365,019.35
DallasDallasIH 30LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT10/07/22C 1068-4-1781068-04-178 $295,828.10W
DallasDentonFM 3524SEAL COAT AND PAVEMENT MARKINGS10/07/22F 2023(085)0081-05-051 $19,205,961.10 F
DallasKaufmanSH 34RECONSTRUCTION OF EXISTING ROADWAY10/07/22C 173-4-570173-04-057 $5,211,158.47
DallasRockwallIH 30WIDEN ROAD - ADD SHOULDERS10/07/22C 9-12-2200009-12-220 $304,779,877.77
Fort WorthTarrantCSINSTALL RAISED MEDIAN10/07/22STP 2022(871)HES0902-90-217 $402,821.00 F
Fort WorthWiseUS 380REHABILITATE EXISTING ROADWAY10/07/22F 2023(039)0134-07-069 $2,699,566.60 F
HoustonMontgomeryIH 69ADVANCED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM10/07/22C 177-5-1120177-05-112 $4,744,698.45
HoustonMontgomerySH 105RECONSTRUCT AND WIDEN FROM 2 TO 4 LANES10/07/22F 2022(926)0338-04-065 $77,024,222.62 F
LubbockHockleySH 114LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENT10/07/22TCSP 2022(428)0130-04-036 $159,447.00W F
ParisHuntFM 2649REHABILITATE EXISTING ROADWAY10/07/22C 2876-1-62876-01-006 $7,976,807.03
San AngeloCokeCRBRIDGE REPLACEMENT10/07/22BR 2022(184)0907-14-010 $554,581.28 F
San AntonioBexarIH 35SURFACING/ROADWAY RESTORATION10/07/22BR 2023(047)0017-10-289 $20,567,530.65 F
WacoBellCSINSTALL TRAFFIC SIGNAL, SAFETY LIGHTING10/07/22STP 2023(049)HESG0909-36-182 $335,013.64 F
Wichita FallsYoungFM 701REMOVAL AND/OR REPLACEMENT AND/OR DISPOSAL10/07/22C 570-3-210570-03-021 $316,320.00
YoakumMatagordaCRBRIDGE REPLACEMENT10/07/22BR 2021(796)0913-21-052 $488,629.85 F
YoakumWhartonSH 60SURFACING/ROADWAY RESTORATION10/07/22F 2023(060)0089-10-026 $2,114,661.84 F