Associating .csj and/or .ucsj files with Notepad

You are having difficulty opening files successfully whose file extension is csj or ucsj.
Use the following procedure to associate the Notepad application with such files.
1. On the Official (or Unofficial) Bid Item Index page, use the mouse to hover over a particular Control number so that the cursor becomes a pointing hand.
2. Right-click the mouse and choose the option Save Target As...
3. When the Save as window opens, determine a destination for the bid item index file so that it can be found easily, then left-click the Save button.
4. Locate the file where you have saved it, then right-click it and choose Open.
5. In the Windows screen which opens, left-click on the radio button entitled Select the program from a list (Windows XP) or Select the program from a list of installed programs (Windows 7 / Vista).
6. In the next screen, scroll down until you find Notepad. Left-click it and ensure that the box Always use the selected program to open this kind of file is checked.
7. Left-click the OK button.
From now on, this type of file will open using the Notepad application.