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Preliminary MAP-21 Texas Transportation System Performance Results: Pavement Condition

Pending adoption of final USDOT rules on national transportation performance management requirements, TxDOT leadership is taking steps to begin incorporating some aspects of those anticipated requirements in state transportation plans to better prepare the Texas transportation planning community for performance-based planning.

The information below presents the TxDOT/TEMPO-endorsed set of proposed national measures for use in Texas transportation planning efforts. The charts depict the FY 2014 performance results, together with short-term (FY 2018 – the end of the current Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan) and mid-term (FY 2025 – the end of the next Unified Transportation Program) performance targets at the statewide (and urban and rural, where appropriate) level for these measures. TxDOT and its partners will, of course, adapt this set of measures when the final federal rulemaking on national performance measures is available.

Summary Results

Goal: To preserve the lane miles in good condition, measured using the International Rougness Index (IRI). This target will present a challenge with the increased amount of truck traffic from the oil and gas.

The FY 2014 results for the pavement performance measures were higher than the targets. Interstate and Non-Interstate Pavement in Good Condition exceeded the targets, but the Pavements in Fair and Poor Condition results did not meet the performance targets. The targets for Pavements in Poor Condition were not met due to lack of adequate funding and increased oil and gas activities around the state.

The department established all targets using a five-year moving average. Changes in funding and other factors like truck traffic can have an impact on the results and how they compare to the targets.

Performance Measure: Interstate Pavement Condition

Performance Measure: Interstate Pavement

Performance Measure: Non-Interstate NHS Pavement Condition

Performance Measure: Non-Interstate NHS Pavement Condition