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Preliminary MAP-21 Texas Transportation System Performance Results

MAP-21, the 2012 federal surface transportation authorization act, directs the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to promulgate rules to establish performance measures and standards for the National Highway System (including the Interstate System), the Highway Safety Improvement Program, the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program, and national freight movement on the Interstate System. It also requires states to establish performance targets for the new national measures and report on the condition and performance of the NHS and progress in achieving performance targets. The act also requires the statewide and non-metropolitan transportation plans to include a description of the performance measures and targets as well as a system performance report.

Those federal rules are expected to be finalized no earlier than the spring of 2015. While these federal requirements are not yet in effect, TxDOT leadership is taking steps to begin incorporating some aspects of them in state transportation plans to better prepare the Texas transportation planning community for performance-based planning.

TxDOT, in partnership with the Texas Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (TEMPO), has begun to monitor the following set of preliminary performance measures for the Texas transportation system for use by decision makers at the national, state and local levels.

The goal of this effort is twofold:

  • to establish and strengthen internal TxDOT reporting structures and processes for effective system performance reporting
  • to engage the public and our partners in Texas and across the country on key performance issues.

TxDOT and TEMPO endorsed the following set of proposed national measures for use in Texas transportation planning efforts. The charts depict the FY 2014 performance results, together with short-term (FY 2018 – the end of the current Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan) and mid-term (FY 2025 – the end of the next Unified Transportation Program) performance targets at the statewide (and urban and rural, where appropriate) level for these measures.

These are a preliminary set of performance measures for:

Note: The financial assumption used in establishing these preliminary statewide transportation system performance targets for potential federal reporting is current, baseline funding. That means that TxDOT assumed no increase above the current known state and federal funding in establishing statewide performance targets for the proposed set of national measures. As a result of this assumption, the projections for future performance over the next ten years indicate a decline in nearly all of the proposed performance measures (with the exception of the bridge condition measures) compared to the FY 2014 results.

TxDOT and its partners will, of course, adapt this set of measures when the final federal rulemaking on national performance measures is available. Through the coordinated, statewide planning process, TxDOT will develop different or additional measures to monitor and inform the Texas transportation community as we move forward. For more information, contact Federal Affairs.