Used Transit Vehicle Clearinghouse

Section 1

Were appraisals obtained?

Sources & Estimates
Source Estimate
Blue Book $11,500.00

Final Price: $0.00
Reason for Disposition: Catholic Charities no longer needs this vehicle. Vehicle will be transfered to The Transit System, Inc.
Disposition Price Rationale: Vehicle is being transfered from Catholic Charities to The Transit System, Inc. No money is involved. Straight transfer.

Section 2

Code Category Definition
C-1 Bad In sufficiently poor condition that continued use presents potential problems
C-2 Poor Requires frequent major repairs(less than 6 months between major repairs)
C-3 Fair Requires frequent minor repairs(less than 6 months between repairs) or infrequent major repairs(more than 6 months between major repair)
C-4 Good Elements are in good working order, requiring only nominal or infrequent minor repairs(greater than 6 months between minor repairs)
C-5 Excellent Brand new, no major problems exist, only routine preventive maintenance

Section 3

Mileage History

Mileage Date
92851 Nov 2 2017 11:14AM
85261 Jun 23 2016 3:43PM
78696 Oct 28 2015 2:12PM