Braided ramps are ramps that cross over each other but are separated vertically by concrete pillars that elevate one or more of them. Designed to eliminate conflicts for merging traffic, braided ramps provide smoother traffic flow for drivers to reach their destinations. These bridge-class structures are typically applied at conflicting on- and off-ramp locations of major freeways. Braided ramps separate incoming and exiting traffic by having one ramp pass over the other, thereby eliminating traffic weaving, improving safety and easing congestion.

The project below is I-35 from U.S. 79 to SH 45 North in Round Rock, Texas.

Braided Ramp illustration

Illustration: Braided Ramp

Braided Ramp photo

Photograph: Braided Ramp

A: Braided ramp entrance ramp bridge structure that goes over the exit ramp and merges with northbound IH35 mainlane traffic.

B: Braided ramp exit ramp bridge structure that goes under the entrance ramp and merges with northbound IH35 frontage road traffic.