About I-69

Using the recommendation of the I-69 Citizen Committees, TxDOT used existing highways to establish the first sections of I-69 Texas. TxDOT continues to use these community-supported recommendations to plan for and develop additional sections of I-69 Texas. The funded projects map provides details on project cost and the stage of project development. As funding allows, improving sections of the I-69 Texas route to interstate quality will continue.

In addition to these existing freeway section that are under review, there is over $600 million dedicated to project development along the I-69 Texas route. The I-69 funded projects map details funding for studies, design and construction along the I-69 Texas route. As additional funding becomes available, existing highways will be improved in a series of small, local-level projects. Improving the existing highway to interstate quality will allow I-69 to be developed in small sections as funding allows. These local-level improvements will eventually connect to the designated I-69 sections and continue to extend I-69 Texas.

Importance of I-69 System Designation

The I-69 Segment Committees strongly recommend that existing suitable freeway sections of the proposed system be designated as I-69 as soon as possible.


As funding allows, improvements to interstate quality will occur on small sections of the proposed I-69 system. These improvements include the following:

  • Adding overpasses at crossroads
  • Adding entrances and exit ramps
  • Expanding the existing road to a four-lane divided highway

I-69 Funding Plan
*Funding must be identified and secured before each step of the process.